Welcome to the virtual version of Cacophonic Choir! The virtual version of the work was developed for SIGGRAPH 2020 and has been exhibited at the IEEE Visualization 2020 Conference Art Program and New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2021 Conference. For information and documentation about the original project, please visit: cacophonic.net

Disclaimer for the virtual version below

The contents of the audio is sensitive and may not be suitable for children younger than 13 years old, or for those that can be triggered by sexual assault related content due to prior trauma.
Otherwise, please proceed by pressing the audio button.

Navigation Instructions
Use your mouse to rotate left and right. Use the arrow keys or “wasd” on your keyboard to move. Press “escape” to leave the work.

Project Description

Cacophonic Choir is an award winning interactive sound installation aimed at bringing attention to the first-hand stories of sexual assault survivors, and the distortions those stories are subjected to in digital mass media. We do this through rethinking the relationship between the narrator and the listener; in this case, the survivor and the public.

Cacophonic Choir is composed of nine individual voices that are each embedded in physical structures that are distributed in space. Altogether, from a distance, these voices form an unintelligible choir. Within this choir, each voice has a unique story to tell. These narratives are not static, however; they transform as a visitor approaches. Fragmented and distorted at first, the voices respond to the visitor’s bodily presence, and their narratives become clearer and more coherent as one gets closer.


Hannen Wolfe

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
Colby College

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Şölen Kıratlı

Department of Visual Arts
University of California, San Diego

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Alex Bundy

Director of Software Engineering
Opus Logica

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Digital environment implemented by Rayna Hata, a Research Assistant and Computer Science Major at Colby College.